GoodDay everyone!  This is me Sneha Sadan. 

I love art in all shapes and forms. But crafting found me when I made a small lovely gift  for my best friend. It was a moment of discovery which led to  strong bonding between me and crafting ever since. I took a video of my handmade card and uploaded it on Facebook and Instagram, which I considered would be a good platform to see what the world thinks of it. Soon I started getting requests from my friends to make such gifts for them too. This was a good start and practice for me. 

Now the biggest motivation i’v got was from my teacher, who encouraged me to do more and gave me the idea to start this as a small part time business so i can earn a little. Thanks to that young lady for her loving support.

Handmade Items are not just beautiful but special….. I Love giving such gifts and I love to receive such gifts. I believe Gifts are a great way to show appreciation to our family members, friends and especially for special occasions for your loved ones.

If you love to make handmade gifts, here are some  great gifts for your loved ones within your budget. Go click “GIFTS” above to view more……