Handmade Photo frame using waste papers


  1. Gum
  2. Scissor
  3. Waste paper/ magazines
  4. Fabric paint
  5. Painting Brush
  6. Refiller of used pen


As shown in the above picture make the paper into half and cut it with using scissors.


Take a refiler and start rolling it from the edge of paper from your left side and gum it in the other edge when you finishing it. Then you will get a stick kind of paper rolls.


Attach four roll of paper together using gum. Do the same for other three sides. For each sides you can use 4 to 6 rolls of paper. After doing that take a cardboard or any thick kind of sheet and measure the size of your photograph which you would like to put it. Take 3 cm more than your photograph measurement for the cardboard.


Stick the rolls on the four sides of your cardboard and stick it in the four sides. Cut down the edges of the rolls as shown in the above figure. Color it with using fabric paint and decorate with your paper roses. Your handmade photo frame is ready.




Our walls are like blank canvases which you can  fill with wonderful paintings and works of art. Thus I recommend you today to try this simple but amazing DIY painting on your blank walls.

1.Select your color and art work  which suits for your current wall paint.

3- Draw an outline of the art work with free hand or you can draw an outline with tracing paper. (you can also use yellow carbon sheet to sketch the picture u choose. Carbon sheet will be available at any stationary shop near you)

4- Color it with a suitable color. (If you have choosen a black outline for your image , complete it with fully black or the use the color which will go through with the image. Or use the outline with same color which you are going to fill for the whole image.)

5- You can use the Acrylic paint which is used for canvas. (Acrylic paint is also called as fabric paint which will be available in the whole stationary shop.)